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Bobby McGeeNan McGee
Bobby McGee
Founder & Director of Christsong
Nan McGee
Co-Founder & Administrative Director

Board Members

Bron Holcomb, PresidentBron Holcomb, President
Bron has been involved in lay ministry since the early 1990s, active in Campus Crusade at ... more

Clark Carpenter, Vice PresidentClark Carpenter, Vice President
Vice President
Clark lives in Ruidoso, NM with his wife of 35 years, Anita. He is a graduate of Baylor ... more

Dr. Steven CreekDr. Steven Creek
Dr. Steven A. Creek is a business professor at Appalachian State University in Boone, North ... more

Jason HaleyJason Haley
Jason Haley lives in Canton North Carolina. He makes a living as a machinist and tool maker. He ... more

Nan McGee, Treasurer and Interim Secretary Nan McGee, Treasurer and Interim Secretary
Treasurer and Interim Secretary
Wife of Bobby and co-founder of ChristSong, Nan has served as Administrator and Treasurer since ... more