Bobby McGee - Testimony
I was born to a man plagued by the memories of 2 different wars. Alcohol seemed to be his only medication. Often my mother would become the target of my father’s anger. Some of my earliest memories are plagued with visions of a dysfunctional home where I suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse. After divorcing, remarrying and re-divorcing, my mother ended up with 4 kids to raise in Charlotte NC. The years was 1968, I was 10. 1968 was not a time of “Say No to ... more

Nancy McGee - Testimony
My testimony is complete opposite of Bobby’s. I was raised in a loving family, my dad worked hard to give us everything we needed and most of what we wanted. He died month before their 60th wedding anniversary. All of my schooling was Christians Schools. I had Religion Class every day and I was a good student. I went to Sunday School and church. I knew my memory verses, all the stories, the 66 books in order. I knew Jesus died for me…I knew it all and because I knew it ... more

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