by Nan McGee on July 26, 2018


By Nan McGee |  July 26, 2018



Don’t you love to watch God put a puzzle together? 

We had just started as ChristSong. Bobby, me and Caroline. We went to some local prisons and served as best we could at the time. One of the Chaplains at the prison camp in Hendersonville, NC invited us to a Prison Chaplains Conference in Gastonia. He arranged for us to sing Arise and Be Counted and about speak 5 minutes to share what we do. It was there that we met chaplains from all over the US. We met a pastor that also did prison ministry in Ohio and a prison chaplain from Parchman, MS. Those meetings resulted in our first two ministry trips.

So, my last installment was in Chillicothe OH, on our first ministry trip, where we saw the Hand of God protecting our children. If you missed that one, you’ll want to go back and read it!

Same trip, same town. We had several services in that town and were staying in the campground in tents for almost a week. Now, this was before cell phones! Can you imagine that? We had met a pastor, who had invited us to his church and also told us about the prisons in Chillicothe at that conference in Gastonia. We needed to call him to talk about our service at his church. We were looking for a pay phone (what’s that? Some of you young folks might ask?). Bobby decided to go into a Pizza Hut and ask them to use the phone. We all sat in the van waiting… and waiting…and waiting. Now, if you know my husband, you’re not surprised by the waiting part. He can and will talk to everyone he meets. He was able to use their phone, then he was telling the guy behind the counter about what we were doing and where we were staying. The man asked if we liked pizza. Do we like pizza? Are you kidding me?

So, here comes Bobby, walking out the door of the Pizza Hut with 15 boxes of PIZZA! We were like “What did you do?” You have to understand, we were running on a shoestring and a prayer with no extra money. It turned out that they had all these pizzas that they were going to throw away and they gave them to him. I don’t know why, but GOD DID! We had waaaaay tooo many pizzas! There were just 5 of us… we were camping…with a COOLER! What were we going to do with all this food?
We went back to the campground and ate our fill of pizza. But, we didn’t want to waste it, and couldn’t fit it in our cooler…so we walked around the campground and shared the wealth, and ALSO shared that Jesus loved them! We invited folks to the campsite, sang a couple of songs, and talked about Jesus’ Love!
So, we watched God put the puzzles of our chaplain friends join with ours, then, the pizza guy…and giving us PIZZA when we couldn’t afford it. The desires of our hearts? Mine for sure!  Then, we were able to use all that pizza to pave a way to talk to the other families at the campground about the love of Christ! Talk about a MASTER PUZZLE MAKER!!! HE IS AWESOME!!!!

The following Monday, we traveled to Warren OH. The next story will be from there….NEXT TIME!