by Benjamin Munsell on November 8, 2022


WHO CHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE, And even as THEY DID NOT LIKE TO RETAIN GOD IN THEIR KNOWLEDGE, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, Romans 1:25 & 28. Using MORNINGTIME 4136 as our base of understanding, today, Tuesday, may be a day when the American people have decided they've had enough of sin and rebellion in our LEADERSHIP in school, government, politics and social media, and want to turn away from it all and back to a more Godly direction. Or else they've tasted of the life of sin and rebellion AND WANT MORE. For the past 2 years the Lord has allowed man a free hand to run things man's way and to see the results, whether you call them good, or bad. Will we choose to "stay the course" down the road to wicked debauchery, or have we had enough and are now willing to turn tail and run back towards the Biblical Way of doing things? To at least START to move back in that direction? Will people Hunger for Christ and the church finally picks up the Mantle of Holiness and finally goes back to Preaching The Word? Or will Judgment finally fall like a ton of rocks and tear this world in pieces? Will we corporately turn our eyes toward Christ, or are we too far gone and the Judgment we've tasted of is just the start of serious troubles ahead? Only the Lord Knows, and we will very soon find out His Answers to these questions. NOW is a GOoD time to Pray and Repent of YOUR sins unto Salvation, or unto CHRISTLIKENESS. Whether there's Great Mercy, or Great Judgment, RUN TO CHRIST WITH ALL YOUR HEART and ask Him to free you from Sin and teach you how to be more Christ like. That's a choice you will be Glad you made for both today, and the rest of your Life, and into Eternity. If you don't like what's going on around you, YOU Change, with the Hand of Christ on your Life. This world will gladly "take you down", and only Christ can bring you up and out of it all. He'll carry you through WHATEVER'S coming our way because it will be His Way, and you will, Be Blessed.