Training the Next Generation of Soldiers 

As many of you know, we are Bobby and Nan McGee and we have been serving the incarcerated church for many years. We've held 120 services a year in 43 states. In ways that only God can, the troubled past that is a part of Bobby's story has blessed countless inmates through the years. We have served and prayed and waited for God to provide a place where training will be available for the next generation of men who will minister to the incarcerated church. In our travels, God has allowed us to meet men who have the calling to serve. The Soldier's Lair will be a training ground for just this purpose. We are humbled and rejoicing as we announce the location - Davis Springs in Unicoi, TN

Restoring Dignity

Our plan is to help restore the dignity of the men with each having their own tiny house and a bathroom with a door.

Life Skills

Many of the men will need help with things like using technology, getting a bank account, driver's license and much more. 


The men will be trained both in Bible and Prison Ministry and then sent out to serve in teams of 2.