Perry Shaw

Perry accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior in January of 1994. He vowed he would give God 200% more than he ever gave Satan.  His salvation was a miracle to say the least. God delivered him from drinking, smoking and a whole host of other things. He will tell you that what God did for him God will do for you. 
He has a passion for the lost and is called to go to where others might not go: 

Nursing Homes
Homeless Shelters
City Streets
Disaster Areas
Anywhere else the Lord will let him go!

Perry's heart is to truly "GO YE THEREFORE"

Dolly Shaw

Dolly as served the Lord faithfully since rededicating her life to Jesus in 1992. She first served in her church as a children:s ministry leader and has since joined her husband in prison and street ministry. Dolly has a great desire to see people set free from the evil one's lies and chains. Dolly's passion is to see lives restored and moving forward in the victory that God has promised all that declares Him as Lord.

Lee Gant

 Lee spent 15 years in Law Enforcement and often wondered if there wasn’t something better for the folks that wanted to change but couldn’t seem to. They were often placed right back into the same environment they had left and expected to live differently. I don’t know about you but to me it seemed like a loose loose situation. 

Once I accepted Christ I found a ministry that took men off the street and poured Christ into them along with life skills to succeed and I also began to go to the prisons to tell the people that Christ is the answer. I began doing this 30 years ago and I don’t intend to quit now.
 I also feel the need to help the hurting. We go wherever folks need help to rebuild and restore their homes after a storm, tornado, flood, or fire. We try to show them the love that God has for them.    We live in a very broken world and it is important for folks that have been so beat down and told they are useless and worthless, to be told of the love God has for them. It’s important for us to tell them they can succeed, they can be loved, and they can have hope. I have watched God restore families where bridges had been burned. I have watched men and women become successful and live very productive lives. 

I have also watched as I have cleaned up the messes that disasters have left, people with restored hope. I believe if we were all to live as Christ told us to our world would be a lot different. We need to let them know that Christ loves them and has a plan and a purpose for