by Nan McGee on September 1, 2018



By Nan McGee |  September 1, 2018




What does that mean? We learned early in this ministry that He ALWAYS provides for the mission He gives you. It is one of His means God will provide. We know that His most important provision in all of our lives is Jesus, the Lamb He provided for the sacrifice for our sins...the Ultimate Sacrifice, taking our place and paying our Price.
But, we have found in this ministry He gave us, that He always provides a way for us to go. Sometimes it meant sleeping in tents (I like camping). Sometimes on air mattresses on church floors. (Remind me to tell you THAT story sometime.) Sometimes we stayed in stranger's homes (now those strangers are some of our best friends.) He has ALWAYS provided a way for us to go where He sent us.

I remember the first time that He taught us that lesson. It was back in our very poor days. We lived in a little one-room cabin in Clyde NC. We had a date at a prison in Marion, NC...a round trip of about 120 miles. None of us had gas money. We knew that He opened the door for this service, yet how were we to get there? It was the next day and we were all wondering...but we prayed and believed that if He wanted us there we would get there.
The next morning I opened the door to our cabin to let the dog out. There, at my feet landed a $20.00 bill. Someone had come and just stuck it in the screen door. I still don't know who did it, but God does. He was the One who laid it on that person's heart and mind to do that. We hadn't told anyone about the need, but HIM. That was the first time that He showed us that we could count on HIM.
A few years ago, we were on a LONG tour. In Arizona, I think. I knew we were running low on funds but didn't realize how low. We were at a Truck Stop to get fuel. I checked the app on my phone for the bank account. $150. We needed fuel, diesel isn't cheap anywhere. We also had to pay for 2 nights at the RV park we were going to. I told Bobby to just put in $75 worth of fuel. I said, "I don't know what, but I know God is going to do something." 
The next morning I checked our account again...our balance was $1000.!!! I went further and saw that a deposit was made by someone. I didn't know who! (I found out later.) I investigated a little deeper and saw the deposit slip. It was time stamped for the same time that we got the fuel!
He knew the need and laid it on our sweet Brother's heart to go to our bank before WE knew the need!
He builds our faith like that!
Last week, after 3 months on the road, we were in the same boat. We needed fuel, We had to pay for 12 days at the RV park that evening. We even asked if we could pay for a week and pay the rest later, but they said no. That left us with less than $100.
We got a phone call later that afternoon. Our friend that checks our mail and makes the deposits at home called. This was a Tuesday, and he usually does all that on Saturdays. He was making a deposit that day for $950! God led him to do it THAT DAY! He led our friends in Florida to send a large check! 
We live by faith. Some say that is hard to do. But, HE has shown us that HE is faithful. He has never left us stranded. Sometimes we get in what I call Beany Wienie mode, but that's okay. We like Beany Wienies.