by Benjamin Munsell on February 3, 2019
And thou shalt write upon them all the words of this law, when thou art passed over, that thou mayest go in unto the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, a land that floweth with milk and honey; as the Lord God of thy fathers hath promised thee. And Moses and the priests the Levites spake unto all Israel, saying, Take heed, and hearken, O Israel; THIS DAY THOU ART BECOME THE PEOPLE OF THE LORD THY GOD. Thou shalt THEREFORE OBEY the voice of THE LORD thy God, AND DO HIS COMMANDMENTS AND his STATUTES, which I command thee this day. Deuteronomy 27:3,9-10. This Prophecy was for the Jews moving into a physical piece of property back then, AND for sinners to come to Salvation, today. How's that work??? Today, the "Land" Flowing with Milk and Honey is a person moving from a life filled with death and destruction ending in a place of death, called Hell, and moving into the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary unto Salvation, unto the Peace that passes understanding with Joy unspeakable. A "Land" full of Contentment in, with, and through, Christ. All these attributes will be with you, to sustain you as you Victoriously cast out the things of flesh, self, and the old man nature, as you beat down and Crush all worldly adversaries of false doctrine, false teachings, lies and deceptions, as you Grow in CHRISTLIKENESS. No matter what's going on in your Life today, our Victorious Christ living in you makes you Victorious over ALL your adversaries. THIS is Life In Christ, THIS is The Promised Land, where ALL your enemies have already been Defeated, and all you need to do is go in on "mop up operations". Some battles are quick, some take longer. But ALL battles are Winnable in, through, and with, Christ. There is NO FEAR in beating a Defeated enemy. As you and the Lord Jesus Christ work out all the details of today, move in His Joy, and in His Peace throughout ALL the Land He has given to you, that YOU may, Be Blessed.