by Benjamin Munsell on February 9, 2019
By HUMILITY AND the FEAR of the Lord ARE RICHES, and honour, and life. Proverbs 22:4. Let's look at this verse through the eyes of the Richness of our Heavenly Father, Paid For In Full by His Son, Jesus, The Christ, and given to us on a practical level by the Holy Spirit. All of God's wonderful Gifts to us are not for us to lavish on ourselves in spiritual luxury, but to use appropriately and in order, out on the streets of a dead and dying world, to show the world there IS a God Who Loves them, who wants to show them The Way into Heaven, and to Praise, Honour, and Glorify His Son, Jesus, The Christ. The nine Gifts, the nine Fruits, the 5 fold Ministry, and the Whole Armour of God are not to keep to ourselves, but to share with the world, (be careful here), FOR THEM TO SEE GOD LOVES THEM, and for them to want to Love God in return. To willingly, desirously, and wantingly be with Christ for ALL of Eternity. Nobody wants to follow someone that's all mouth and no action, but they will follow Someone Who will meet them where they're at, demonstrate His ability to meet their Needs, and ultimately direct them onto The Path that goes straight into Life Eternal. In the world, a homeless man will listen to someone who gives him a coat, a sandwich, and a warm place to sleep. But when Christ shows a man the Peace that passes understanding, Joy unspeakable, a way to cast off all worldly burdens, and that he is of Great Value to the Lord God Almighty, THAT will bring LIFE to a spiritually dead man, who will now Follow Christ even to, and through, death itself, to come out the other side into Life Eternal. Christ will meet each one of us wherever we're at, whether in prison, or on the streets, in church, or out of church, full or hungry, Christ is not just the Answer, HE IS THE ONLY ANSWER. Believers, share your physical gifts and talents, AND your Spiritual Gifts and Talents with a dead and dying world, that they too may have Life, and, Be Blessed.