by Benjamin Munsell on February 16, 2019
AND THE LORD SENT Jerubbaal, and Bedan, and Jephthah, and Samuel, and delivered you out of the hand of your enemies on every side, AND YE DWELLED SAFE. And when ye saw that Nahash the king of the children of Ammon came against you, ye said unto me, NAY; BUT A KING SHALL REIGN OVER US: when the Lord your God WAS YOUR KING. Now therefore behold the king WHOM YE HAVE CHOSEN, and WHOM YE HAVE DESIRED! and, behold, the Lord hath set a king over you. IF YE WILL FEAR THE LORD, and serve him, and obey his voice, and not rebel against the commandment of the Lord, THEN SHALL BOTH YE AND also THE KING that reigneth over you continue FOLLOWing THE LORD your God:  But if ye will not obey the voice of the Lord, but rebel against the commandment of the Lord, then shall the hand of the Lord be against you, as it was against your fathers. Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you. But if ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be consumed, BOTH YE AND YOUR KING. 1 Samuel 12:11-15,24-25. God, as King over the people, will cut no corners, not wink at sin, nor turn a blind eye to injustice. He requires Holiness, Righteousness, and Purity from ALL His subjects. God would deal with each of His subjects, one on one, with nothing escaping His Eye. This was nothing less than Pure Rebellion by the people wanting a layer of worldliness between them and God. They wanted a man they could control, a buffer to soften the "harshness" of God to man. Man is still the same today. He wants to follow a man talking ABOUT man's god, (a preacher of man's choosing), INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT STRAIGHT INTO THE THRONE ROOM OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Man wants to "feel good" about lounging in his worldliness, knowing that God will have no part of it. The Holy Spirit wants to teach us all things Holy, but man wants to stay in and enjoy all things worldly. PRAY FOR A GODLY PREACHER, that you AND he, may, Be Blessed.