by Benjamin Munsell on March 21, 2019
For the Eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect, (complete, safe, peaceful, perfect, whole, full, at peace), toward Him.... 2 Chronicles 16:9. Judgment, as never seen before, is coming to this world in a way we've never dreamed of, even in our wildest nightmare. Man is becoming so Hard Hearted, like a really tough nut to crack, the Lord will have to Press even harder, just to get man to listen. And even in all that, the Lord will still show great Mercy, because ANYONE can come to the Lord of Forgiveness and Salvation, even to his last breath. On the Brighter Side, the Lord is Searching the whole world, looking for anyone who has a Heart towards Him, that He will Gladly show Himself Strong to, as He takes them under His Wing, revealing to them things about Himself they've never imagined. People, it's all about "Heart Attitude". If your heart is against the Lord, He will be God The Terrible, to you. If your heart is towards the Lord, He will be Lord God Almighty to you. It is your choice to have the Lord for you, or against you. Nothing is already "predetermined", "set in stone" or, "this is the hand I was dealt". You have Totally Free Choice throughout ALL your life to choose how you want things to go with the Lord, meaning, we're ALL sinners on our way to Hell. But Christ came and made a Way for us to skip Hell and go straight to Heaven. You already have a free ticket on the train to Hell. Only Christ can cancel that ticket and put you on the straight and narrow Path through Him and straight into Heaven. God is not Vengeful, sitting around waiting for you to mess up so He can kill you. He is very Merciful waiting your whole life for you to come to Him looking for His Better Way, through Christ, to spend all of Eternity with Him. He's ALWAYS looking for you to change your mind, to leave Sin, and Desire to Walk in His Righteousness, Holiness, and Purity, to FOREVER, Be Blessed.