by Benjamin Munsell on March 23, 2019
He that hath a Bountiful Eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor. Proverbs 22:9. This verse is like looking through the small keyhole of a door, and seeing Great Blessing on the other side. I'll explain. A Bountiful Eye is the Spiritual Eye of a man who knows the Lord and understands that the Lord is his Total, and Complete Source of EVERYTHING. This man may be down to his last $10.00, and the Lord tells him to give it to someone, he will gladly give it, with no regrets, because he knows that the Lord will meet him in his time of need. To not have a need met is an opportunity for one of two things. (Again, this is all about Heart Attitudes). First, you can start to panic because you have a need, and no source to fill it. A bill is due and you're out of work, "I have no income, no source, I'm going down". You're looking to your Self for your Supply. Or, you never look at what you have FIRST, because your Self always wants more and it will never be satisfied. No, you first and always look to the Lord as your EVERYTHING, and He will take care of all your NEEDS. You're content with what you have and when a need shows up, you first and always take it to the Lord knowing He will take care of it, in His Time. This is a Christian Reality and it's something we are all learning to deal with. We are all at different places in our Faith and understanding. Some Solidly Know, and never worry about things. Some are brand new to this concept and are just testing "the water" with their toe to see if this actually works, or not. This "Faith In Christ As Your Total Source", is a very deep well of Knowledge and Understanding that the Lord wants all His Children to drink from. It will become a Lifestyle of the Believer, as another Building Block towards CHRISTLIKENESS. This is totally a Faith driven thing and the Lord will twist our every last ounce of self as your source, and put Himself in as how you will, Be Blessed.