by Benjamin Munsell on April 6, 2019
Likewise also the cup after supper, (Jesus) saying, This cup is the New Testament IN MY BLOOD, which is shed for you. Luke 22:20. In the Old Testament, the blood of a lamb had to be shed before there could be any forgiveness of sins. No blood, no forgiveness, it was that simple. In the New Testament, that tradition continued until Christ died, AS THE PERFECT LAMB, AND SHED THE PERFECT BLOOD, THAT WOULD PAY FOR ALL FORGIVENESS OF SIN FOR ALL OF MANKIND, FOREVER. Christ's Blood had and has, that much Power in it. The shed Blood of Christ is the Required Payment for you to be Forgiven of ALL your sins. Today, Satan is doing his best to have anything to do with The Blood Of Christ removed from the Bible. Many new "versions" of the Bible have deleted all reference to the Blood of Christ, to offer you a "bloodless" salvation. AND THAT CAN'T BE DONE. No Blood Of Christ, no Forgiveness of sins. In today's Apostate World, the question of, "Do you believe in Jesus?” is no longer a valid question to help (somewhat) determine one's state of salvation. There are many religions who acknowledge a jesus of some sort or other, BUT AGAIN, NO "RELIGION" OUT THERE ACKNOWLEDGES JESUS, THE CHRIST OF THE BIBLE WITH HIS SHED BLOOD AS THE ONLY WAY THROUGH REPENTANCE UNTO SALVATION. And on top of all that, you will also Willingly, and Desirously Love the Lord God with all your Heart, AND your neighbor as yourself. That right there will weed out a lot of the riffraff. To Follow Christ is a VERY specific Way, on a VERY narrow path, and sorry to say, VERY FEW will find it. There is nothing convenient about being a Christian. It totally goes against ALL your Flesh, Self, and Old Adamic Nature. Salvation is free, but it's hard work to Obediently Follow Christ. But through His Blood, and being Led by His Holy Spirit, makes it easy and Joyful to be a Christian. Once you Meet Christ and He gives you a New Heart, your Most Wonderful Journey begins, and you WILL, Be Blessed.