by Benjamin Munsell on April 23, 2019
And it came to pass in Iconium, that they (Paul and Barnabas) went both together into the synagogue of the Jews, and so spake, that A GREAT MULTITUDE both of the Jews and also of the Greeks BELIEVED. But THE UNBELIEVING JEWS STIRRED UP THE GENTILES, and made their minds evil affected AGAINST THE BRETHREN. Long time therefore abode THEY SPEAKING BOLDLY in the Lord, which GAVE TESTIMONY unto the word of his grace, AND granted SIGNS AND WONDERS to be done by their hands. But the multitude of the city was divided: and part held with the Jews, and part with the apostles. And when there was an assault made both of the Gentiles, and also of the Jews with their rulers, to use them despitefully, and to stone them, They were (a)ware of it, and fled unto Lystra and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, and unto the region that lieth round about: And there they preached the gospel. Acts 14:1-7. Here we go again. A great revival, many Believing, a religious ruckus arises, and a quick trip out of town. Life awaits future Believers, death awaits the Life Givers. Here's the GOoD News. Whenever Christ shows up, THINGS HAPPEN. The Word gets Preached, signs and wonders follow and the religious trouble causers get up in arms to try to stop what The Lord is doing. The Lord will NEVER be stopped, but He will go where He is wanted. As the Lord directs you to go to some specific place, whether a foreign country or the diner down the street, when you and Christ show up, the Fire will fly. Where Christ (and you) go, change happens. Just do as the Lord directs through His Holy Spirit and watch the enemy run. He may run away, or he may run AT you, but either way, he will run. So Examine Yourself. Does the enemy put fear in your heart? Or does the fear of what awaits a sinner unsaved drive you even further into enemy territory? You Live, or you die, that's totally in the Hands of the Lord. Live with a "fear" of Hell and Christ will keep you Heavenly Minded. That's how to, Be Blessed.