by Benjamin Munsell on June 14, 2019
Even unto this present hour WE both HUNGER, and THIRST, and ARE NAKED, and are BUFFETED, and have NO certain DWELLINGPLACE; And LABOUR, working WITH our own HANDS: being REVILED, we bless; being PERSECUTED, we SUFFER it: Being DEFAMED, we intreat: WE ARE made as the FILTH of the world, AND are the OFFSCOURING of all things unto this day. 1 Corinthians 4:11-13. Ya, well, so much for the glamorous life of the Evangelists of those days of the early church. They must have been doing it all wrong because today our evangelists fly around on their own private jet planes to preach to capacity seated coliseum's taking in the dough like nobody's business. Other than when they finally leave town, the body of Christ is poorer for it. They come expecting Christ and walk away empty hearted. Or, maybe those early, real Evangelists actually did have it right, and today we have it all wrong??? Yes, they Preached to a few, or small groups, or even half the town, and were generally run out of town BECAUSE THEY WERE ATHEISTS, that is, they didn't preach the standard "churchianity" of the church scribes and pharisees. No those early Evangelists were Preaching about a God and His Son, Jesus The Christ, that the standard church didn't want to hear about. It was a very tough life trying to "change" people from their entrenched theologies of Law, to the new Theology of Love, Mercy and Grace WITH being held Accountable TO THE GOD WHO MADE IT ALL. Ask any Real Evangelist today what his Life is like and he'll tell you it's still as tough today as it was back then. They hurt, and their families hurt, AND CHRIST IS EDIFIED AS HE IS LIFTED UP TO A  DYING WORLD. The world is growing colder everyday to the Words of Christ, and those He sends to Preach It. If you have, or know of, people working in the 5 fold ministry, (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers), PRAY FOR THEM, MINISTER TO THEM, AND ENCOURAGE THEM EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, THEY NEED IT. Then you AND they will, Be Blessed.