by Benjamin Munsell on June 23, 2019
IN EVERY THING GIVE THANKS: FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS CONCERNING YOU. 1 Thessalonians 5:18. (I only capitalize, for emphasis, the important words of this verse). The following is a list of exceptions that allow you to NOT give thanks to the Lord. "I just lost my job, my car's transmission just fell apart and I can't afford to fix it, my kid  got arrested for selling drugs, my underage daughter just got pregnant, my dog bit the mail man, my wife just got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, my married  Pastor just quit, he has a girlfriend on the side, I'm giving up on church, they're all a bunch of hypocrites", and the list just keeps on going until pretty soon, THERE IS NOTHING TO THANK GOD FOR, LIFE IS MISERABLE!!! To the unsaved sinner, this IS their life of no God and no hope. But, if you call yourself a Christian, a Believer, a person who has been Washed in the Blood of Christ, you have been asked to, it has been suggested to, you have even been commanded to, IN EVERY THING GIVE THANKS: FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS CONCERNING YOU. Why? Because the Lord will use EVERYTHING about your life, all 24 hours per day, to draw you to Him, to build you up in Christ to be able to "handle" everything that comes your way, and to Prepare you for the Life to come after your body drops off, that's why. A Believers Life is not, doom and gloom, but a Victorious Life in Christ TODAY, in spite of what the world tries to throw at you. This short life time is ALL to prepare you for the next one, with Christ, for all of Eternity. Yes, it's tough, THANK GOD ANYWAY, deal with each "thing", each situation, WITH CHRIST, and come through it VICTORIOUSLY. Learn from your mistakes, get up one more time than you fall down, AND GIVE THANKS TO GOD THAT NO MATTER WHAT, YOU BELONG TO CHRIST. If He is your Everything, nothing can take you down. As you Grow in Christ, it ALL gets better. Everyday is a lesson on Growing in Christ. So GROW, Give Thanks, and, Be Blessed.