by Benjamin Munsell on June 29, 2019
And the Lord said unto Moses, Behold, thou shalt sleep with thy fathers; and THIS PEOPLE WILL rise up, and GO a WHORING AFTER THE gODS of the strangers OF THE LAND, whither they go to be among them, AND will FORSAKE ME, and break my covenant which I have made with them. Then my anger shall be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide my face from them, and THEY SHALL BE DEVOURED, AND many EVILS AND TROUBLES SHALL BEFALL THEM; so that they will say in that day, Are not these evils come upon us, because our God is not among us? AND I WILL SURELY HIDE MY FACE in that day for all the evils which they shall have wrought, in that they are turned unto other gods. Deuteronomy 31:16-18. All these deceived people KNOW the Truth about the Lord God Almighty, AND THEY DON'T CARE!!! (See Romans chapters 1-3). They have no fear of ANY god BECAUSE THEY HAVE MADE UP A god FRIENDLY TO THEM. It's a god that only asks of them WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR. Satan offers up every size, shape, and color of "god" that anyone living on planet earth could want. Let your sin-filled imagination run wild, and he has a god for you. That's the beauty of deception, it caters to EXACTLY what you want and gives it to you. That's why most people turn away from you when you tell them about YOUR God. You know, The One Who requires sacrifice and obedience?! Unless and until there is a hearts cry of a speck of "hunger" for Christ, they will NEVER listen.  They choose to be cold, calloused, and uncaring about The God Who died for them, BY CHOICE. Deception IS believing a lie as truth, and your Truth about Christ is a LIE to them. Remember, right is wrong and wrong is right, so generally, Christian, YOU HAVE NO HOPE OF REACHING THEM FOR CHRIST. BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN. Be KNOWS their heart, and once in a while He sends you to someone looking for Christ, to Encourage you, AND THEM, into His Word. So Be Encouraged Believer, Preach Christ, and, Be Blessed.