by Benjamin Munsell on August 12, 2019
ASK, and it shall be given you; SEEK, and ye shall find; KNOCK, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that ASKETH RECEIVETH; and he that SEEKETH FINDETH; and to him that KNOCKETH IT SHALL BE OPENED. Matthew 7:7-8. Oh Lord, I come before You this morning to Praise You, Honour You, and Worship You in Spirit and in Truth because You are Who You say You are, You are Lord God Almighty, and your Words says that EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords, so I come now to Willingly, Desirously, and Joyfully Praise you with all my being. I come before You to ASK You for EVERYTHING that Christ Paid For for me for today, when He died on the Cross of Calvary. I'm ASKING for you to Chasten, Chastise, and Correct me from any and all evil ways still lurking in my Heart. Would You crush my self, flesh, and old man nature to such a degree that only Christ can be seen in me. Would You Purify and Cleanse me of anything and everything that even hints of sin in my life. Would You Grow me in Holiness, Righteousness, Purity and Patience, and trash anything in me that isn't. Would You cut out of me, surgerize with, or without, anesthesia, anything in me that displeases You. Would You Break me on the Rock of Christ so completely that there is no need for that Rock to fall on me and crush me to powder. And whatever it takes Lord, would You build Your Perfect Patience in me so that WHATEVER my day holds, I may Patiently Walk with Christ all the day long and see His Hand in everything He sends to me through the Throne Room. That I may Patiently Wait on You, even for all of Eternity. It is CHRISTLIKENESS I desire in whatever Way Christ deems necessary to build it into me. This IS my one shot in ALL of Eternity to get it right. No excuses Lord, WHATEVER IT TAKES ON THIS SIDE, to prepare for the Other side, I ask for, and seek after ALL these Things in Jesus Holy Name, Amen and Amen. And you WILL, Be Blessed.