by Benjamin Munsell on August 29, 2019
As many were astonied (to be desolate, be appalled, stun, stupefy), at thee; his visage (sight, appearance, vision),  was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men: Isaiah 52:14. The tortured body of Christ hanging on the cross was barely recognizable as a human being. He looked worse than a butchered side of beef hanging up for display. Satan took his "one shot" at Christ to make Him so repulsive to look at that he hoped no one would want Christ for anything. Christ was defeated and dead. Satan had killed the Son of God. Satan was celebrating Hi-fives all around. That ugly death was PAYMENT IN FULL FOR YOUR SINS, AND MY SINS. (The GOoD News). CHRIST AROSE FROM THE GRAVE, VICTORIOUSLY CONQUERING SIN, DEATH, AND THE GRAVE, that all His Followers may Live with Him Eternally in Heaven. Satan, still not willing to accept defeat, commissioned sin-filled lost men to create paintings of Christ on the cross. A little cut here, a drop of blood there, even a nice loin cloth to cover shame. Satan painted pictures that made Christ unrecognizable AS A SACRIFICE FOR OUR SINS. Even as a size comparison, paintings show a Big Holy Mamma holding her much smaller, barely wounded, dead son. His, (Satan's) church is filled with these godless pictures and statues TO DECEIVE THOSE NOT ABLE TO READ THE WORD FOR THEMSELVES, OR UNDERSTAND PREACHING IN LATIN. "Come to my house where life is easy and there is no pain and suffering, and getting into heaven is simple", is Satan's message to the uneducated and unknowing masses. The GOoD News? CHRIST WILL NOT LOSE EVEN ONE OF HIS SHEEP, NOT ONE!!! Lies and deception abound all around us and many will "lose" a faith they never had, following a man designed from Hell. NOT ONE CHRISTIAN WILL BE LOST TO SATAN. Follow Christ, read and study His Word for yourself. Listen to the Leading of the Holy Spirit, and obey as He keeps you in Christ. NO MAN CAN SAVE YOU, only Christ. Seek Him, and, Be Blessed.