by Benjamin Munsell on September 2, 2019
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4. This verse covers from general little sin to, "Run for your life", away from the Great Whore and her ferocious judgment against her. This great whore church has been deceiving and killing Christians for 2000 plus years. And that churches HEART ATTITUDE against God has been going on since creation. Just ask the Prophets and Martyrs of old. It's also their blood this church will be Judged for. That's one end of the Sin scale. The other is little sins. Those of allowing yourself to be deceived by a shady tv preacher. Or not caring enough to listen to warnings by the Holy Spirit when He was knocking on your Heart's door. Or the little sin of just sitting down "for a few minutes", AND NEVER FINISHING THE RACE, not fighting the Good Fight, just walking away from it all because it was too inconvenient to bother with. It really doesn't make much difference if The Whore eats you alive, or you sleep through "The Bridegroom Cometh" call, either way, you can easily miss Heaven. And that will be a sad day for all because, you'll be missed. It's hard to continually tell the Holy Spirit to go away, HE JUST MIGHT. Lost is lost, no matter what the reason. Best intentions or worst intentions, no one ever got Saved because they only INTENDED to. GET IN THE FIGHT, RUN THE GOoD RACE LIVE AND DIE IN AND FOR CHRIST, SUFFER AND REJOICE, AND GET ON WITH IT. Today is YOUR day for Salvation, don't waste another minute with stupid excuses. Trust Christ, Believe His Word, it will save you and keep you in your day of need. COME OUT OF SIN and live in the Power and Fire of the Holy Spirit. God Himself will give you a new Heart, give you a Victorious Life with Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of all things Spiritual , AND on top of all that goes on in your Life, He'll give you Peace, and Joy Unspeakable. You WILL, Be Blessed.