by Benjamin Munsell on December 12, 2019
He that walketh in His uprightness feareth the Lord: but he that is perverse in his ways despiseth Him. Proverbs 14:2. "Perverse: to depart, turn aside, to go wrong, go crooked,devious, to be lost from view, to become devious". Every man, woman and child ever born on planet earth are sinners and on their way to Hell. No exceptions, no excuses. But the Lord God Almighty Desires that NO ONE go to Hell. So He sends the Holy Spirit into your Life to try to show you that the way you're going, down the Road of Sin, is not the way to go. He will point out where you are, and where you should be. And He will show you, tell you, and Encourage you as to how and why His Way is The Way you should go. He will show you EVERYTHING you need to Know for you to make a Legally Informed Choice about the Path you choose to now follow. Here is the hard, bitter, hate filled part that only a Fool in all his Pride and Arrogance, would say to The Saviour, "I don't want Your Way, I want my way, I REJECT YOU AND YOUR WAY, GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE". These are the words and heart's attitude of a sinner willingly Rejecting Christ and His Offer of Life Eternal. The moment you die, the mold is set, and there will be no Forgiveness Offered from that moment on. The moment you die, you will instantly find yourself in Hell, or with Christ in Heaven. Either way, you'll KNOW where you are and why you're there. The Great White Throne Day of Judgment is the Legal Proceeding that Permanently seals your choice of path. There will be no appeals, no offer to change, just giving Permanence to your chosen Path. It's a Day of ONLY standing before the Judge, and Listening, you'll have no words to say. With dry tears in your eyes, the Angels will throw you into The Lake Of Fire, A REAL PLACE OF LIVING DEATH. DON'T LET THIS BE YOU, LISTEN TO THAT STILL, SMALL, VOICE POINTING YOU TO CHRIST. He even Paid In Full your Sin Penalty, that you could be Eternally with Him, to FOREVER, Be Blessed.