by Benjamin Munsell on January 3, 2020

(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in The Day Of Salvation have I succoured (called) thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.) 2 Corinthians 6:2. Today, right now, the Call Of Christ unto Salvation, is still going out across this whole world, AND ALL WHO WILL OBEDIENTLY ANSWER THAT CALL WILL BE SAVED. They will experience A Life of Joy so great, it's almost unspeakable, unexplainable in its intensity. A Life in Christ, through Christ, and with Christ so Full of all the Attributes of Christ, that no matter what goes on with all the world around you, YOUR FAITH WON'T BE SHAKEN, YOUR PEACE, THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING, WILL BE SO REAL AND SO SOLID, that no matter what the world tries to do to your "clay" body, will hardly even be noticed by you. You will Live with Christ on this earth with such and Intimacy, such a Closeness, that you and Christ will be "as One", and you'll barely notice where your body drops off and you see Christ face to Face in Heaven. Any worldly pain suffered will be but a moment in time compared to AN ETERNITY WITH CHRIST. Yes, today the body suffers the pain of old age, disease, accidents, and even torture, BUT THE SPIRIT SOARS WITH CHRIST TO SUCH AN EXTENT THAT ALL THE WORLDLY PAIN AND SUFFERING WILL BE AS BUT A MOMENT IN TIME, QUICKLY FORGOTTEN, NOT EVEN WORTHY TO BE COMPARED WITH, ANYTHING. Today, pain and suffering is a tiny taste of Hell. Today, Life in Christ is a tiny taste of Heaven. Today, the choice is yours, which one do you want to invest your Eternity in??? Christ is calling you TODAY to come Walk with Him for ALL of Eternity. You're looking for SOMETHING better than this life, right here and right now. CHRIST IS THAT SOMETHING, and He's only one step away. Take that one, first step of Faith towards Christ, and He will continue to direct all your steps through today straight into all of Eternity. There is no, "best deal" here, just Christ, where you WILL, Be Blessed.