by Benjamin Munsell on January 13, 2020
And thou shalt teach (the congregation) Ordinances and Laws, and shalt shew them The Way (Christ) wherein they MUST walk, and the Work that they MUST do. Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people ABLE MEN, SUCH AS FEAR GOD, MEN OF TRUTH, HATING COVETOUSNESS; and place such over them (Exodus 18:20-21.) rulers, preachers and teachers who Love the Lord, Love His Word, Love His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and Love their neighbors as themselves. (This is Scripture and commentary together). Those who "rule", who look out for, the church, the Body of Christ, MUST be "Full Blooded" Christians, Believers, and Fear the Lord. ANYTHING LESS IS AN HIRELING, A FALSE TEACHER, A FAKE AND FRAUD, of such, turn away. If your church doesn't teach, doesn't walk in, isn't learning about, The Fear Of The Lord, then it's quite possible the Lord isn't there. Yes, that's harsh, but the Fear of the Lord is one of many attributes we are to teach and learn about. If it's not part of your theology, Why Not? We have to teach the FULL GOSPEL of Christ, not just a few favorite parts. The Body of Christ must Grow equally and proportionately together, otherwise there is some sort of deformity. (illustration only). Christ in you is All or nothing. You don't get to keep a few choice parts and throw the rest away. To understand The Fear Of The Lord is just as important as understanding Salvation, as the Power of His Blood, as everything else He talked about. WE MUST TEACH AND PREACH, AND LIVE, A WELL BALANCED DIET OF THE BREAD OF LIFE WITH PLENTY OF LIVING WATER. Anything less can lead to starvation, or at the least, deformity. Christ wants to Minister to the WHOLE man, to ALL his needs, to be made into a Vessel suitable for the Master's Use. It's so much easier to Teach ALL of Christ, and so much harder to remember what parts you want to ignore. Christ died for ALL of mankind, for all parts of a man, therefore Teach and Preach ALL of Christ, that ALL men will ALL, Be Blessed.