by Benjamin Munsell on January 29, 2020
Truly my soul waiteth upon God: FROM HIM COMETH MY SALVATION. He only is MY ROCK and MY SALVATION; he is MY DEFENCE; I SHALL NOT BE greatly MOVED. How long will ye imagine mischief against a man? ye shall be slain ALL OF YOU: as a bowing wall shall ye be, and as a tottering fence. They only consult to cast Him down from His Excellency: they delight in lies: they bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly. Selah. My soul, WAIT thou only UPON GOD; for my expectation is from him. HE ONLY IS MY ROCK and MY SALVATION: he is MY DEFENCE; I SHALL NOT BE MOVED. In GOD IS MY SALVATION AND my GLORY: the rock of my STRENGTH, and my REFUGE, is IN GOD. TRUST IN HIM at all times; YE PEOPLE, pour out your heart before Him: GOD IS A REFUGE for us. Selah. Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity. Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them. GOD HATH SPOKEN once; TWICE have I heard this; that POWER BELONGED UNTO GOD. ALSO unto thee, O Lord, belongeth MERCY: for thou renderest to every man according to his work. Psalm 62:1-12. If you have ANY interest in "power" and "riches", just look at politicians and Hollywood. They are the cream of the crop of these desires. To Seek For money, riches, fame and fortune is to end up never satisfied, always wanting more, and on your way to Hell. (Christians, we are not to seek for these things, leave this ALL up to the Lord). If you gain it all, and lose your soul, YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT HELL. Seek Christ, ask for His Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding for the Things of today. Christ is ALL the power and riches you'll ever want and need. Seek for money and power, OR, Seek Christ, you can't have both. One gets you Hell, One gets you Heaven, it's your choice. Politicians and money promise the world. That's the best they have to offer. Christ Promises Heaven, where you WILL, Be Blessed.