by Benjamin Munsell on April 8, 2022



Ye shall do My Judgments, and keep Mine Ordinances, to walk therein: I am the Lord your God. Ye shall therefore keep My Statutes, and My Judgments: which if a man do, HE SHALL LIVE IN THEM: I am the Lord. Lev. 2:4&5. This is a 2-edged sword. To keep "My Statutes, and Judgments" is a Blessing, AND a hard thing to do. To keep these Statutes and Judgments Obediently is to Live in and be wrapped up with and by the Lord Jesus Christ. Like a Sheppard holding and caring for His lamb. And it is also a serious responsibility and big Requirement to Obediently strive day by day, even moment by moment, to Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, to stay in this position of Living in the Statutes and Judgments. And of course, if it's something Directed by the Lord, IT HAS TO BE A GOOD THING, and He will Provide a Way to completely Obey all He says to do. If you choose to Follow this all the Way through, just go with your eyes wide open knowing it will be a very tough Responsibility and Requirement. After Salvation, IT WILL BE THE BEST "LIFE-STYLE" YOU COULD EVER ASK FOR. Sure, it will cost you your flesh, self and old man nature, your Christian friends will think you've definitely gone off the deep end, and others will say you have a " holier than thou" attitude and walk away. BUT GOD, will always be at your side telling you exactly what to say and who to say it to. Your Peace & Joy under all conditions will absolutely baffle and confound all who watch you, and in the end, the Lord God Almighty Himself will say to you, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter in to the Joy of the Lord". In short, your Sold Out to Christ, and nothing will be able to stop your quest for Salvation for others. Death, man and Satan himself don't scare you because your eyes are so fixed on Christ, YOU DON'T SEE ANYTHING ELSE. This is, a "Christian on steroids" and even the angels will cheer you on. Don't wait to hear, "Why didn't you...", be proactive and hear, "You sure will, Be Blessed.