by Benjamin Munsell on April 11, 2022



Thus saith the Lord God; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her. And she hath changed My Judgments into wickedness more than the nations, and My Statutes more than the countries that are round about her: for they have refused My Judgments and My Statutes, they have not walked in them. Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Because ye multiplied more than the nations that are round about you, and have not walked in My Statutes, neither have kept My Judgments, neither have done according to the judgments of the nations that are round about you; l Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, AM AGAINST THEE, and will execute judgments in the midst of thee in the sight of the nations. And I will do in thee that which I have not done, and whereunto I will not do any more the like, because of all thine abominations. Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute Judgments in thee, and the whole remnant of thee will I scatter into all the winds. Wherefore, as I live, saith the Lord God; Surely, because thou hast defiled MY Sanctuary with all thy detestable things, and with all thine abominations, therefore will I also diminish thee; neither shall Mine Eye spare, neither will I have any pity. Ezekiel 5:5-11. Back in the day, the Lord mostly destroyed Israel for their detestable abominations. And He Loved Israel. What will the Lord do, AND ALLOW SATAN TO DO, to us, America, who as a nation have fully and completely turned our back to the Lord? This world is going down in Judgment, read the Book of Revelation. BUT IF YOU CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD TODAY, YOU CAN BE SAVED, and live with Christ, forever. Repent, ask Christ to Forgive you of all your sins as they too are detestable before the Lord. America is lost and not coming back to the Lord. But you, if you're lost, ask Christ into your Heart. He'll come and you will, Be Blessed.