by Benjamin Munsell on October 12, 2022


And the Grace of our Lord was Exceeding Abundant with Faith and Love which is in Christ Jesus. This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the Prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a GOoD warfare; Holding Faith, and a GOoD Conscience; which some having put away concerning Faith HAVE MADE SHIPWRECK: 1 Timothy 1:14,18-19. Here's how easy it is to ALLOW yourself to be shipwrecked. Your boat is anchored in the harbor with a lot of other boats anchored nearby. As you go down below deck to take a short nap, it's very easy to fall asleep as the boat gently rocks in the small waves as they make a lapping sound on the sides of the boat. It is very relaxing. Being in a sound sleep you don't notice the anchor rope coming undone and no longer securing the boat to the holding power of the Anchor. You don't hear your friends yelling at you to come up on deck and assess the situation. You still don't hear the bell buoy clanging the warning that you're drifting out of the safety of the channel and into the treacherous waters of the rocky shoal. Only when a storm strikes and you wake up to find it's too late to do anything, and moments later your boat crashes onto the rocks and all souls onboard are lost. You've ignored all the warnings, you choose not to listen to your friends who cared about you, and when you finally understood The Truth of your predicament, it was too late. RIGHT NOW, check your surroundings, check out the people you hang out with, check out your source of information, is it the Bible, the Word of God, or just the word of man? A word of warning from ANYBODY is still a warning. It doesn't matter if they yell a warning at you in harsh tones, or in anger as you drift close to their boat, or as a soft comment, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THE WARNING. So what if your "feelings" get hurt, or they sound angry, or you think they didn't call out to you in "love", THEY CARE ENOUGH ABOUT YOU TO TRY TO WARN YOU. LISTEN, and, Be Blessed.