by Benjamin Munsell on February 9, 2023


So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my Helper, (my Sword and my Shield, my Provision, my Keeper, my Savior and my Friend), AND I WILL NOT FEAR WHAT MAN SHALL DO UNTO ME. Hebrews 13:6. As "the world" turns more and more against God and all He Stands For, the world will turn against all who are Godly and Testify of His Truths. They don't want to hear ANYTHING that has to do with God, or God's people because when the Lord speaks, Conviction against sin touches their Heart. Conviction of Sin in one's life brings great unrest and confusion as their sins and sinful ways are challenged by the Holiness of God Himself. This will cause one to either move towards Christ in Repentance unto Salvation, or to Reject Christ and those of His bringing the GOoD News of His Great Mercy and Grace. This rejection can be from, "No thanks, I'm not interested", to instant death. Christians are called to go and Preach The Word with absolutely NO FEAR OF MAN. As we Grow IN Christ our fear of man becomes less and less as our Love FOR Christ becomes stronger and stronger. "Christ must increase as my fear of man will decrease". To Preach Christ is to lay your life in His Hands and Trust Him to keep you in Him until the moment HE calls you Home. To Preach FEARLESSLY is to Preach with less and less fear of man, and more and more Love FOR that lost man to come to Christ. No one KNOWS when they will be called Home or by what means he will get there, so go and Preach Christ like today will be your last day, with all your tomorrows in His Hands. ALL will Be Blessed by your Preaching whether they know it or not. THE WORD will NEVER return void and will ALWAYS get results. Whether you see those results or not is up to the Lord. Be Christ Centered and leave everything else in the Hands of the Lord. 
No one knows the Heart of man, so just Preach from the Heart of Christ and you will touch the Heart of God. It won't get any better than that as you Trust and Obey, and you will Eternally, Be Blessed.