by Benjamin Munsell on May 2, 2023


And NOW shall mine head be Lifted Up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in His Tabernacle SACRIFICES OF JOY; I will sing, yea, I WILL SING PRAISES UNTO THE LORD. Psalm 27:6. (Please read the last 2 MORNINGTIMES as the basis for this and future discussions). Until the Lord Jesus Christ comes to Receive unto Himself His Pure and Holy Bride, the Church, be aware of the tricks, traps, lies and deceptions of our enemy, Satan, that we not be deceived with the rest of the world. Here's what's coming, VERY SOON. It's called your ESG Score. It used to be, when you go to the bank to borrow money, they would look at your finances and work records to decide if you were a good risk for a loan. Very soon, those days will be over. The new "yardstick" to decide if you're worthy of a loan is called, your  "ESG score". You will be Judged on your "attitude" on the Environment, your Social standing, and your Governance. (How well you follow and agree with government dictates and rules). Along with your ESG score, the Government will recall your cash dollars and issue you a "credit card" (for example) giving you dollar for dollar, a digital dollar for each "greenback" paper dollar you trade in. THIS CARD IS NOT THE MARK OF THE BEAST. For now, just think of it as your new "everything" credits card with the value fully and totally under the control of the bank AND government authorities keeping an eye on you and your Score. The idea is, "If I control your purse strings, I control you". This discussion is not about politics and how to stop it, IT IS A HEADS UP ON THE NEXT SATANIC MOVE TO CONTROL THE WORLD. See Revelation chapters 1 - 22. DO NOT FEAR THIS, IT IS BEING ALLOWED TO COME ON THE WORLD BY THE LORD TO TRY AND TEST THE HEARTS OF MEN. Yes, He'll USE Satan in this, but like a dog on a short leash, SATAN CAN ONLY GO AS FAR AS THE LORD ALLOWS, AND NO FARTHER. This is where "the rubber meets the road" in the Lord testing your Trust and Faith in Him to, Be Blessed.