by Benjamin Munsell on May 15, 2023


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is GOoD News from a far country. Proverbs 25:25. Believers, we're just passing through on this Journey of Exponential Increase from absolutely Nothing before Time and Creation began, to a Heavenly Home of such Glory, we can't even start to describe it to one another. This earthly world with all it's situations and circumstances is a "Rest Area" designed to offer every man, woman and child a Future with Christ, or if they'd rather not, a Future without Christ. No one will be forced to go to Heaven. No one will be forced to go to Hell. It will be a well educated Decision as you choose Heaven, or not. Hell is just the default choice if you don't choose to Follow Christ. Remember, as you make this Eternity Altering Decision, this will be one time that Heaven and the Lord, and Hell and Satan all step aside as you Decide your future. But during all the rest of your time on earth, both the Lord and Satan will be Encouraging you to go their way. Again, that Final Decision is yours, and yours alone, to make. The Lord will try to Love you into Heaven, and Satan will try to Lust you towards Hell. BUT YOU HAVE TO WALK IT OUT AS YOU DETERMINE. The Great White Throne Judgment Seat of Christ is just a Legal Formality stamping the Final Choice YOU have made. Earth is half way between Heaven and Hell, and here is where you get a little taste of each. Just enough for you to make a Knowledgeably Sure Choice. Satan OFFERS lies, the Lord offers the Truth of your future. Either Way, No excuse will stand on Judgment Day as your whole Life will be shown before you and every Rejection of Christ as your Lord and Savior will follow you for all Eternity, IF YOU REJECT CHRIST. TODAY is your Day of Salvation, to reject Satan and his worldliness and Follow Christ with His Heavenliness. Seek Christ and He WILL be found. He'll answer all your "How and Why do I get to Heaven" questions with such an Assurance that you will KNOW you will Eternally, Be Blessed.