by Benjamin Munsell on May 16, 2023


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is GOoD News from a far country. Proverbs 25:25. People, we're just passing through on this Journey of Exponential Increase from absolutely Nothing before Time and Creation began, to a Heavenly Home of such Glory, we can't even start to describe it to one another. This earthly world with all it's situations and circumstances is a "Rest Area" designed to offer every man, woman and child a Future with Christ, or if they'd rather not, a Future without Christ. And this Book we call the Bible, is not only the Best resource directing us towards Heaven and away from Hell, IT IS THE ONLY BOOK ON PLANET EARTH THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE ABSOLUTELY TOTAL AND FULL TRUTH ALL ABOUT HEAVEN AND HELL. ALL, other books on this subject only give you SOME truth, leaving out one or more key pieces of information so that you will "miss the mark" of Salvation. You don't read the Bible? That's OK, the Lord and His Word have that covered too. You have just enough Godly DNA inside you that when that Still Small Voice tells you, "This is the Way you should go, follow Christ", and you don't listen, YOU STILL KNOW, RECOGNIZE AND UNDERSTAND IT AS TRUTH, and you once again have to try to push it down to ignore it. Some will call this "Voice" your Conscience. Either way, any way, it's not a Voice you can easily and quickly deny. Even if you try to "stop up your ears" with drugs, sex and/or alcohol to drown out "the noise" of His Truth, IT DOESN'T WORK. That "Still Small Voice" always comes through just loud enough to Assure you it's, The Truth. STOP FIGHTING THE LORD, just ask Him what He wants, and He'll talk to you on terms even you can understand, ALL THE WAY DOWN TO EVEN THE VERY BOTTOM OF YOUR HEART. There is no hiding from The Truth. You KNOW the Lord is calling you to Himself, even now, THIS VERY MOMENT. And He won't quit until you breathe your last breath, which can be at ANY moment. No one knows how long they have to Run to Christ, to, Be Blessed.