by Benjamin Munsell on May 19, 2023


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is GOoD News from a far country. Proverbs 25:25. (As an illustration), for its first 200 years, the "greatness" of America was built on God's Word and His Principles by Godly Preaching by God Fearing men. They, and all the rest of America enjoyed the Fruits of their Labors as the Lord Blessed this God Fearing country and its people. For the last 50+ years our preachers have grown so accustomed to the Lord's Blessings, they have spiritually grown "fat and lazy" with their preaching not wanting to "challenge" people to leave worldliness and come to Godliness. To Preach against Sin could be hazardous to their financial health, so "Sin Preaching" gave way to smooth, easy, non offensive messages with little or no "Spiritual Growth" value. As Godly Preaching wanes, "worldly preaching" fills the void and our memories of the Lord and His Goodness fall away into "forgotten". The Lord won't stay in a home, a town, a city or a country where He's not wanted. As the Lord leaves these places, He writes "Ichabod" over the doorway, and almost nobody notices. And with Him go His Blessings, His Safety and Security, and His Word. He won't force anyone to Love and Follow Him. This world is Rejecting Christ and His Offer of Salvation. If people don't want God, He will fill the void with the ungodly. Seen any ungodly leadership lately? BUT GOD, IN HIS GREAT MERCY AND GRACE, is calling out a remnant of True Believers who are absolutely sold out to the Lord, His Word, and utter Obedience to ALL the Lord asks of them. These Preachers and Followers will be the "little people", the "no name" people no one has heard about. Their Preaching will be hard and solid founded fully on His Word. Their Preaching will Ring True in the Heart's of all who have even a small interest in Christ. Millions will come to Christ and you'll barely even hear about it. It will be one person at a time, no more "Billy Graham" type crusades. They will come and, Be Blessed.