by Benjamin Munsell on May 23, 2023


By Him (Christ) therefore let us offer the Sacrifice of Praise to God CONTINUALLY, (in the midst of ALL situations and circumstances, in the GOoD ones AND the Hard ones), that is the fruit of our lips giving Thanks to His Name, (No matter what). But to Do GOoD and to Communicate (to others His Mercy and Grace) FORGET NOT: for with such Sacrifices God is WELL PLEASED. Obey them (2 meanings here, here's the 1st) that have the rule over you, (them who Preach and Teach the Holiness, Purity, Mercy and Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ) and submit yourselves, (Obey their Godly Teachings): FOR THEY WATCH (CARE FOR) FOR YOUR SOULS, as they that must give account, (to the Lord Himself), that they may do it with Joy, (in your Obedience) and not with grief, (for your Disobedience): for that is unprofitable for you (to disobey the Lord). Hebrews 13:15-17. (Here's the 2nd meaning to, "Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves.... ": Obey even those godless men who rule over you WHO HAVE BEEN PUT INTO OFFICE BY THE HAND OF THE LORD HIMSELF FOR YOUR CHASTENING, CHASTISING AND CORRECTION, as the Lord still sees some "worldliness" He wants to work out of you, to Grow you in Christ unto CHRISTLIKENESS, as this is Profitable for your Soul. Please note, this Obedience to godless rulers over us stands UNTIL THEY GIVE A DIRECTIVE THAT GOES AGAINST THE WORD OF THE LORD, then, our obedience to that directive stops as we Obey the Word of the Lord instead. Yes, that disobedience to man will come with a Price, and that Price has already been "Paid In Full" by Christ on the Cross. BE ENCOURAGED PEOPLE, everything that actually touches your Life today, and tomorrow, and the next day, has made it through the Throne Room to Grow you in Christ. Now, can you Praise The Lord IN ALL THINGS as He brings you closer to Himself by using the people, places and things of this world to better Prepare you for the next? He KNOWS what He's doing, as you Trust and Obey, to Forever, Be Blessed.