by Benjamin Munsell on May 24, 2023


By Him therefore let us offer the Sacrifice of Praise to God CONTINUALLY, that is, the Fruit of our lips Giving Thanks to His Name. But to do GOoD and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices GOD IS WELL PLEASED. Hebrews 13:15-16. Today's focus will be on Praising the Lord, Continually. (Illustration). We've had 6,000 years to read, study, talk to the Lord, see how the world works, and to Know right from wrong. It's almost time to put down your pencils and studies, and go out into the fields white unto Harvest. Oh, did I tell you that this will be your "test" time? That, ready or not, you're about to find out just how much you've actually learned, or not learned. And that crack about "put down your pencils and studies", ya, they really will come and take away your Bibles, study notes, and any "Christian" recordings you may have. You really will be "on your own" as far as paperwork is concerned. The coming days will be filled with every conceivable opportunity to continue to Walk with Christ, being full of His Peace and Joy, as you still Continually Praise and Honour the Lord. And the opposition, Satan and his bunch, will do everything they can to try to dissuade you from Following Christ and His Holy Spirit. If you've decided to be an Overcomer, Christ Himself will stand next to you in ALL situations and circumstances, Directing you to Stand Firm in Christ and His Truth. Believers, Satan will chase you every step of the Way, BUT HE CAN'T HAVE YOU. So go Work on the fields as the Lord directs, they are right now White unto Harvest. Granted, some of those fields may be in solitary confinement, or in Prison, or on the street corner, and they are fully available for you to share Christ anywhere and everywhere because Christ goes with you everywhere you go. And while you're at it, take no thought of what to say, you just open your mouth and THE LORD will fill it. You'll be right at home, even to the moment He calls you Home, to Exponentially, Be Blessed.